Energy Management Services

Energy Management Services offers flexible and comprehensive solutions for all your energy or electrical related needs. With this expertise now available to companies throughout India

Energy Management Service

This is an industrial system for controlling, monitoring, and managing the electrical load systems. Today Energy Management System has become a very necessity for modern industrial operations. Goose Support Services offers an advance and highly reliable solution to the client for monitoring the loads across their infrastructure. The operators can monitor the electrical energy and power quality parameters of their plants. We offer localised on-site, and a cloud solution, giving our customers a choice to choose a setup of their preference. EMS is a vital tool for preventing downtime, identify faults in the network, identifying sources of inefficiencies and improving resource optimisation yielding a competitive advantage in the form of lower operational costs. We do following activities to provide smooth operation in the clients’ infrastructure.

Our energy management services includes:

⦁ Sustainability Strategic Planning
⦁ Energy Optimization Services
⦁ Energy Management Planning
⦁ Energy Building Assessments (Audit)
⦁ Thermography Test

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