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In the complex and multi-faceted scope of Integrated Facilities Management services, Goose Support Services have stood out with distinction as an extremely flexible organisation offering excellent quality services. We have knowledge, experience and a passion for facilities management. We are a trusted service provider to the public and private sectors alike. Our target is to be a real landmark for customers in “no-core” services management.

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Office Admin

⦁ Reduce Overhead and Control Operating Costs.
⦁ Cost-effective Labor
⦁ Save Time and Increase Efficiency
⦁ Concentrate on Clients and Business Goals
⦁ Access to Highly Skilled, Experienced Professionals
⦁ Continuity & Risk Management

Cleaning & Hygiene

⦁ Up Keep of Office Space
⦁ Janitorial Services
⦁ Landscaping
⦁ Construction Clean up
⦁ Carpet & upholstery
⦁ Supply Material
⦁ Machine Maintenance

Cleaning Service
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Payroll Management

⦁ Payroll Processing
⦁ TDS Processing
⦁ Employee Self Services
⦁ Professional Tax
⦁ EPF, ESIC, Gratuity Act
⦁ Labor welfare Fund
⦁ Contract Labor Act

Repair & Maintainance​​

⦁ A/C and Electrical Maintenance
⦁ Additions and Alterations
⦁ Special Repairs
⦁ Day to Day Repairs
⦁ Preventive Maintenance
⦁ Protective Maintenance

Repair And Maintain Service
Electro mechanical Services

Electro Mechanical Operation

⦁ Chiller Maintenance
⦁ Plumbing
⦁ Carpentry
⦁ Cleaning of tanks at periodic intervals
⦁ HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning )
⦁ Building Management Systems (BMS) Operation
⦁ Water treatment plants, Sewage Treatment Plant, RO Plant

Energy Management Services

⦁ Sustainability Strategic Planning
⦁ Energy Optimization Services
⦁ Energy Management Planning
⦁ Energy Building Assessments (Audit)
⦁ Thermography Test

Energy Management Service
Manpower, Goose Support Services, Facility Management

Warehouse Management

⦁ Inventory Control and Management
⦁ Warehouse Layout and Design
⦁ Order Fulfillment
⦁ Safety and Security
⦁ Technology Integration
⦁ Labor Management
⦁ Continuous Improvement

Security Services

⦁ Recruitment and Talent Acquisition
⦁ Screening and Assessment
⦁ Temporary and Permanent Staffing
⦁ Onboarding and Training
⦁ Workforce Planning
⦁ Compliance and Legal Support
⦁ Performance Management

Manpower, Goose Support Services, Facility Management

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